Oral Health Risks to the Smiles of Teenagers


As a teenager, you are often faced with life changing decisions that will help push you into adulthood and the person you wish to be. The same can be said about your oral health, as your adult teeth will begin to take hold and the oral health decisions you make can affect you forever. Listed below are some oral health risks to the smiles of teenagers:

– It is possible for wisdom teeth to grow in incorrectly and lead to a variety of oral ailments. Tooth decay, infection, malocclusions, and jaw pain could all be caused by the last of our adult teeth growing in during our teenage years.
– Mouth jewelry is a serious risk to the mouths of teens. Because they are so popular, many teens feel the need to get mouth jewelry, including lip and tongue rings. However, these objects are often sharp and hard, and can easily damage your teeth and gums. They can cause infections, bleeding, inflammation and can be choking hazards. They have also been linked to infectious diseases such as endocarditis and hepatitis.
– Smoking or chewing tobacco can destroy a teenager’s mouth, and promote tooth discoloration, gum disease, and oral cancer.
– Contact sports are one of the biggest causes of oral injuries in teens. If you are participating in a contact sport or event, always be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear.
– Teens are often tempted by the allure of drugs from their peers. Some drugs can cause irreversible tooth loss and gum disease.

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