What Are Retainers?

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Having straight teeth is an essential part of a beautiful smile and self-confidence. Dental retainers are just one of the many services we offer at our Crockett, TX dental office to help you and your family achieve the smile of your dreams.

Here are a few oral health issues that a dental retainer can address:

  • Mouth breathing
  • Clenching and/or grinding of teeth (muscle strain )
  • Tongue thrusting, poor tongue position or abnormal tongue posture
  • Excessive spacing between the teeth
  • Severely rotated teeth

Why A Dental Retainer Could Be Good For You

Dental retainers are an alternative to traditional braces and many patients love our retainers because they offer many benefits like:

  • Durability: Retainers can withstand wear and tear from daily use.
  • Easy Care: Dental retainers need minimal maintenance, and since many are removable you will not need to change your eating habits.
  • Invisible: Unlike traditional braces, retainers are nearly invisible so you can communicate at work and school without worrying about unsightly metal braces.
  • Forgiving: Ability to position teeth that have shifted due to imperfect retainer wear.

Types of Dental Retainers

Clear Retainers

Clear retainers look similar to our Invisalign system because they are not easy to notice when you are wearing them and talking. Clear retainers are not recommended for teeth grinders because they are fragile and easily damaged.

Vivera Retainers

Our Vivera retainers are made of transparent, plastic materials that are comfortable to wear and almost invisible. Each set of Vivera retainers are created from custom molds to ensure they fit your mouth perfectly.

Caring For Your Dental Retainer

We are committed to help you find the best solution to your oral health issues. In some cases, a retainer can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, and you will need to wear your retainer as instructed by our staff. Caring for your retainer is essential for your overall oral health because your retainer will gather bacteria so you will need to clean your retainer whenever you brush your teeth every day. This will get rid of any tartar along with any harboring bacteria that can cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

If you’re in or near Buffalo, TX, please contact us about how we can help YOU, or you can schedule an appointment today at our Crockett, TX location.


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