Follow These Simple Steps to Help Your Child Avoid Baby Bottle Tooth Decay


Baby bottle tooth decay is a serious oral health ailment in children that is the result of tooth decay in young children. It is most commonly associated with baby bottles and the constant risk they pose to the oral health of your child. Follow these simple steps to help your child avoid baby bottle tooth decay:

– Step 1: Your child’s first tooth will begin to pop up above their gum line in a process called erupting. From this moment forward, the child’s tooth is susceptible to tooth decay so it must always be cleaned and protected.
– Step 2: Cleanliness is the first step to keeping your child’s mouth clean. Never let your child’s bottle or pacifier become dirty, and never share products between your mouth and your child’s.
– Step 3: The type of liquids in your child’s bottle must always be monitored. Any products with sugar should be avoided. This includes soda pop, sugar water, juice, and sports drinks.
– Step 4: Never coat your child’s bottle with a sweet or sugary substance like honey.
– Step 5: Never let your child fall asleep with the bottle in their mouth. Doing so can increase the time that the substances in the drink will have access to their tiny teeth.
– Step 6: Clean their teeth every day with a small amount of toothpaste to ensure that any harmful materials left behind in their mouth are washed away.
– Step 7: Repeat every day.

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