Kids and Dentists


It’s hardly a secret that many children don’t enjoy dental visits. A lot of this is due to the fact that kids are just kids, but there are a few other things that can cause children to not want to visit the dentist’s office.

If you’re currently facing a big fight when taking your kids in for regular treatment, review and implement the following advice. It can certainly help you and your children have a much more pleasant time at the dentist’s office.

Take them early

The earlier you bring your children to see Dr. Nieku Manshadi at LOL Dental & Orthodontics in Crockett, Texas, the better for how they form a view of the dentist. If children are brought in at the youngest possible age (either 1 or when their first tooth appears, whichever happens first) then they’ll see the dentist as a regular part of life and not some scary office with big drills.

Good oral health

The other key to helping your kids enjoy their dental visits is ensuring they have good oral health. This reduces their chances of needing a cavity filled, which is a process that can quickly sour kids on the dentist. Make sure they brush twice a day, help them floss, and consult with Dr. Nieku Manshadi on whether or not they need fluoride supplements to help their teeth even more.

Don’t wait any longer to have a great dental experience with your children. Employ these tactics today and call us at 936.463.0162 to schedule a time to see these tactics work in person.